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Lafayette Location

35 Beck Lane, Suite 101

-4000 square foot facility with 14 bedrooms, 1 daycare room and large fenced outdoor area with dog turf-

(This location offers: All-suite Hotel and Daycare only)

Reminder: Grooming will no longer be available at this location as of 2/28/22 as all Grooming will be moved to our West Lafayette location.  We are currently no longer taking new request for Grooming at our Beck Lane location due to being completely full for Grooming until 2/28. 

(Please contact our West Lafayette location to set up a Groom at that location)


West Lafayette Location

2833 SR. 52 West

-12,000 square foot facility with 32 bedrooms, 3 daycare rooms, 2 large fenced outdoor areas with dog turf and large Grooming room with dedicated lobby-

(This location offers: All-suite Hotel, Daycare, Grooming and Training)

We now have 12,000 square feet of dog fun!  We have added 13 more bedrooms (32 total now), an additional daycare room (3 now),
doubled our outdoor space AND created our own lobby for Grooming. 
Come check it out!