Q. How far in advance should I make my hotel reservation?
A. Holidays and summer weekends tend to fill up quickly. Try to make reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure your dog's spot.

Q. Every time I look at camera, my dog is in the room...when do they get out of their room?
A. If you do not add on Daycare to your Hotel Stay (your dog must first pass our assessment test if you want to add this), yes, your dog will be in the room all day except when they go out for their potty breaks.  These breaks are around 6am, 9am, 1pm, 6pm and 9pm (5 per day). 

Q. I have two dogs and they can sleep together but one will eat the others food if I don't stand over them and watch. Can someone make sure they both eat?
A. Yes. We can feed dogs who stay in the same enclosure separately so they can both eat in peace. Let us know this when you check in and we'll make a note of it on their account.

Q. Can someone else pick my dogs up?
A. Yes, but only if you specify them as someone approved to pick up your pet. At the time of pickup, payment will need to be made so we will need to bill your credit card on file or other arrangements must be made.

Q. Do I need to bring my dog’s food?
A. Yes. To maintain consistency we do recommend you bring your dog’s own food. We also kindly request that it be brought in portioned amounts for each meal-typically in small baggies.

Q. Why do you require me to bring a supply of my dog’s food?
A. We require you bring your dog’s own food to reduce the number of changes from home to the hotel. Keeping your pet’s diet consistent will reduce the chance of digestive upsets. You are welcome to bring in the food in the original packaging or the container you keep it in at home, so that bringing it along is simple and easy. Remember to bring enough food to last their entire visit with us.

Q. Can I bring my dogs bedding or favorite toy?
A. Absolutely! We do provide elevated beds, however, feel free to bring anything special from home that your dog will especially enjoy with his stay.  Just a reminder, we do provide toddler beds with mattresses, however, if you pup destroys the mattress, there is a $50 replacement fee if it is unusable.  


 Q. Your Daycare is always full, how can I ensure I get my spot reserved?
A.  Because we only allow a certain amount of dogs per day for safety reasons, we fill up very quickly.  Typically, we recommend you reserve your spot a few days in advance.  If you need a last minute reservation, please call us as we may still have space for you.  


Q. What if my dog is a chewer, should we bring our own bedding, etc.?
A.  We have actual toddler beds with mattresses.  To avoid any damage fees, if you feel your dog might chew up the bed, mattress or sheet set, please let us know and we can replace the bedding with a Kuranda bed (raised cot).  You can also bring your own bedding as well.  There will be a $50 replacement fee if a mattress is chewed up.  The replacement fee for sheet set is $10 if chewed up/torn.  Although we do not want/like to, other items we reserve the right to charge for damages would include door handles, door trim, drywall, etc.  


Q. Will you administer medication to my pet at a Pooch Palace?
A.  Yes. We can give medication at no extra charge. 

Q. What if my dog has passed a temperament evaluation somewhere else? Can he be exempt from the Evaluation Day?
A. Pooch Palace cannot accept evaluations from other facilities. However, we will absolutely take all of you and your dog's hard work with training and evaluations from other facilities into consideration during your dog's Evaluation Day.

Q. What vaccinations should I get for my pet?
A. We request vaccines be administered at least 2 days prior to your arrival. This will allow the vaccine to develop effectiveness and will give you time to watch for any adverse reaction the vaccines may cause. We require Distemper, rabies, Bordetella and a clean fecal test from your Vet.

Q. How can I prove my pets have up-to-date vaccinations?
A. Have your veterinarian fax or email your pet’s vaccine records or call us prior to your arrival date so that we may prepare our records prior to your arrival. FAX: 765.588.5696

Q. What happens if my pet is injured or becomes sick during their stay?
A. We will contact you or your designated alternate in case of serious problems. We also keep your veterinarian’s name and phone number in our records so that we can contact them for emergencies and consultations. If something happens after your veterinarian’s office is closed, we will transport your pet to Purdue Emergency Clinic.


Q. My dog has the Bordetella vaccine, but, how can is it possible they still can get Kennel Cough?
A. Similar to the Flu vaccine for humans, Bordetella is not 100% effective.  There are many different strains like the Flu virus and the vaccine definitely does help prevent your dog from getting it, but, it is not a guarantee.   The issue with Dog Daycare and Kennel Cough is symptoms do not show up for 3-7 days.  This means a dog could have it and potentially pass it on without even having any symptoms yet.  This makes it very difficult for a facility like ours to keep it completely out.  We have strict cleaning protocols we follow and will even close daycare down if we have multiple cases of it.  We highly recommend boostering your Bordetella vaccine.  This means you can get it every 6 months instead of every year.  This will only help 

Q. Are reservations required for the hotel or grooming?
A. Yes. We recommend making reservations for all services. Reservations will ensure that we have a hotel room or grooming appointment available. We would like to know approximately what time you expect to drop off and pick up your pet. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests.


 Q. Why do some Grooming appointments take so long?
A. Depending on the size of your dog along with their breed, hair length/type and the Grooming package you select a groom can take up to 4 hours.  There are many other factors that can increase the time we need for a groom which include if your dog needs to be towel/air dried vs. using our blow dryer.  Finally, on busier days, it may also take a bit longer.   We try and give as accurate as possible estimate when you drop off, but, we always call once your pup is done.  


Q. Why when I call do I sometimes get your Voicemail?
A. As we are getting busier, we have many dogs to take care of in the facility on a given day.  Unfortunately, this does not always allow us to get to the phone in time.  Please leave a message as we will get back to you in a VERY timely manner.


Q. What is Pup-Grass® in your outdoor play area?
A. Pup-Grass® A synthetic turf specifically designed for dogs. It is the only artificial grass in the world made by a pet product company. Pup-Grass® is Non-Toxic and a healthier option over other surfaces AND no more dirt and mud when you pick up your pup! http://pup-grass.com


Q. Why do you have early and late departure fees?
A. Much like a human hotel, we need time to thoroughly clean and prepare the pet suites. Unlike a human hotel, your pet requires our care and attention for any walk, feeding, or playtime and cannot simply wait in the lobby unattended. Thus, early arrivals and late departures receive additional services. If your pet goes to daycare on the arrival or departure date, the fee is waived as the hotel daycare fee applies. If your pet is groomed on the departure date, we will waive the late departure fee.


Q. Why do you only have certain pickup/drop-off times on Holidays where Pooch Palace is closed and why do I have to pre-pay if I am picking up on a Holiday that Pooch Palace is closed? 
A. Our lobby is closed on all major Holidays.  If you are wanting to drop-off or pickup on a Holiday we are closed, we require you do so at designated times of 9:00am and 6:00pm only.  Along with that, if you are picking up on a Holiday you will need to pre-pay for your stay.  The reason is because we will have staff here to be taking care of the dogs, but, they will not be trained on taking payment, etc.  


Q. Why are there late fees and cancellation/no show fees for Grooming?
A. Our Groomers work on commission.  If someone no-shows are cancels within our 24 hour cancellation window, we will not have time to refill that time slot and therefore, they then do not get commission for that groom.  The Groomer also can charge late fees if more than 5 minutes late for your groom (based on their discretion).  If 15 minutes or more late, the Groomer may need to cancel your groom as they have very busy schedules each day.  


Q. Do you have a veterinarian on staff?
A. Our pet care staff is trained to monitor your pet’s health and welfare and administer first-aid treatment while they are in our care. If something occurs during normal business hours we will contact your veterinarian, if we can’t reach your veterinarian and it is a non-emergency then we will contact your Vet. If it is after hours we will contact the Purdue Emergency Clinic.




With the increase in cases of Kennel Cough on the rise in the area, we felt it was important to provide some education on the Virus.  The important thing to understand is that the Bordetella vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing your dog from contracting Kennel Cough. It is much like the human Flu vaccine we get as we still can get the Flu. There are also many different strains of the virus. Below are some FAQs about the virus along with an article that may be very helpful to you. 

As you will read more below, the unfortunate things about this virus is that there is a 3-10 day period where a dog can have the virus but not have any symptoms show up yet. As a Dog Daycare, Grooming and Boarding facility owner….this makes it virtually impossible to remove the possibility of dogs contracting Kennel Cough while at our facility. The good news is that being around other dogs that have the virus does not mean your dog will automatically get Kennel Cough. There are many factors as to why some dogs are more susceptible than others during this time and you will see those below as well.  If your dog has any of the below symptoms, we ask that you keep them at home and contact your Vet.

What is Kennel Cough?
Kennel cough is a fairly common ailment in dogs. People tend to associate it with dogs who have recently been boarded (or "kenneled"). However, your dog could contract kennel cough anywhere they come into contact with other dogs; such as, the Groomer, the veterinarian's office, in dog obedience class, at Dog Daycare or any other dog related event. Any time your dog is in the vicinity of an infected dog, the potential exists for infection. Kennel cough is caused by an airborne virus, which is highly contagious. The incubation period is about 3-10 days, meaning your dog will not display symptoms of illness for about 3-10 days following exposure to the virus. 

How do dogs become infected even after they’ve been given the Bordetella vaccination?Nose to nose contact is the typical spread of the virus. Dusty environments or high pollen-count days can also increase transmission as the virus can attach to these particles and be breathed in much easier. Infected water bowls and toys can also be a potential source of spreading infection; however, the virus is more likely to be passed from dog to dog, not item to dog. But also remember that if humans are touching an infected dog and then petting another, they are carrying the virus on their hands and can transfer this to another dog.
Dogs are often infected by “non-clinical carriers.” These are dogs that carry the contagious virus without showing outward signs of disease. These dogs are really hard to identify, as they are not coughing, have no nasal discharge or other symptoms of sickness. Owners should be aware of these carriers.
The bordetella/parainfluenza vaccination is not 100% effective in preventing disease, just as our human flu vaccine. The vaccine does reduce clinical symptoms, decreases duration of disease and can increase the animal’s immunity to improve the likelihood of not contracting fulminate disease.

How do I prevent my dog from getting kennel cough? Vaccinating your dog with the Bordetella vaccine can help reduce their risk. However, be aware that your dog can still contract the Kennel Cough virus even if he or she has been vaccinated. There are many strains and mutations of the virus, making it a hit or miss whether the vaccine used on your dog will be the right one for the strain with which your dog comes in contact with. This is similar to the "flu shot" for people; each year a vaccine is developed based on which strain(s) are suspected to be most prevalent. Simply put, having the flu shot does not guarantee you won't get the flu and when your dog has a Bordetella vaccination it doesn't guaranteed he or she won't get kennel cough. A strong immune system is best defense against viruses. This is why several dogs could be exposed to the kennel cough virus but only one may actually contract it. It may be beneficial to provide your dog with immune boosting supplements on a regular basis. Check with your local pet store or veterinarian on supplements that will aid in boosting your dog’s immune system. 

What precautions are taken by Pooch Palace to reduce the risk of Kennel CoughBefore admittance into our facility we require all dogs provide proof of vaccinations. If we observe a dog presenting Kennel Cough symptoms, they are isolated immediately to prevent further exposure to other dogs. Unfortunately, due to the 3-10 day incubation period, dogs may come into and leave our care before ever showing symptoms, exposing other dogs to the virus. We leave our warehouse doors open during the day to provide good ventilation within our building. We are also very strict with our cleaning protocols and disinfecting of the facility.  Unfortunately, Kennel Cough is one of the risks of dog socialization.

How do I know my dog has Kennel Cough? The most common symptom of Kennel Cough is a cough that sounds as if there is something stuck or caught in the dog's throat. One way you can "test" for Kennel Cough is to press the throat gently, right in the collar area. If the dog has Kennel Cough, this will probably trigger some coughing. Other triggers include, exercise, drinking water and change of temperature. Other symptoms could include sneezing and conjunctivitis. Most dogs with kennel cough will act normal except for the cough and will have a normal appetite. . It is also important to note that the Bordetella vaccine can cause sneezing and coughing for several days, just as the flu shots will sometimes give humans flu symptoms.

What do I do if my dog gets Kennel Cough?
Kennel cough generally will be gone in seven to ten days. In some cases an antibiotic is warranted. Contact your veterinarian for their recommended treatment plan.  Please do not have your dog around other dogs for at least 14 days after treatment has begun.

Is there anything, beyond the vaccination, owners can do to prevent their dogs from getting kennel cough? Unfortunately, some dogs are exceptionally susceptible to kennel cough, while other dogs can be around infected dogs and not become ill at all. If you know your dog is prone to develop kennel cough you can vaccinate your dog more often (every 6 months) and try to reduce time spent in venues that have a large number of dogs in a closed space. Keeping your dog healthy all around will also improve the immune system. Improving overall health can be done with good diet, proper exercise, maintaining proper weight and keeping up on your dog’s oral hygiene. An unhealthy mouth reduces the ability of your dog’s immune system to fight off disease.