Pooch Palace is a full service dog grooming salon dedicated to providing your dog with the best grooming experience ever!  When you bring your dog to be groomed, rest assured that they will be treated like a member of our family.  Our staff provides a calm, positive environment with lots of TLC to ensure our clients are relaxed and having a pleasurable experience while visiting us. 

Grooming is a vital part of your dog’s health and happiness.  It removes dead hair and mats that can damage skin and cause infections.  Certain breeds require more coat maintenance than others but every dog needs its nails trimmed!  Whether it’s a simple brush and bath or a fabulous full body makeover, our groomers can deliver the look you desire.  De-shedding treatments are also available. We can use hypoallergenic or medicated shampoos if your pet requires them, that’s not a problem–just ask us.  We also groom 6 days a week!  (closed on Sundays beginining 11/10/19)


- Voted #1 Pet Grooming in Greater Lafayette -  


(2018 Journal & Courier Readers' Choice Awards)


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 Destiny Loft -  We are excited that Destiny chose to start her Grooming career with Pooch Palace!  Destiny completed her externship with us and then was hired onto our Grooming staff towards the end of the Summer of 2017.  Below is more about Destiny....

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"I have lived in Lafayette my entire life.  I have always been a huge animal lover and Grooming gives me an opportunity to work with something I have a passion for.  Currenty I have 5 cats and 2 cattledogs.  My pups names are Mylo and Copper.  I love seeing all the happy wagging tails at Pooch Palace everday!  I am a certified Groomer through ABC College and have been grooming at Pooch Palace since August.  I am very excited for what the future holds for me at Pooch Palace!



mandyMandy Burris

"Hey everyone! I’m Amanda Burris. I’m the proud mother to a perfect baby boy. I’ve been a huge animal lover my entire life and currently have 6 cats and 2 dogs. A Great Dane mix named Moe and a German Shepherd named Kona. I was a hairstylist for 6 years but decided to follow my heart to work with animals. I traded 2 legs for 4 and became a groomer. I’m a certified groomer through ABC College and couldn’t be happier I made this switch. I’ve been working with animals since January of 2017. And have been a groomer at Pooch Palace since March of 2019."



0410192025fWhitney McGregor

"I started at Pooch Palace in January of 2019 as a dog groomer.  Dogs have always been my favorite animal. Growing up, the dogs in my family have always been treated as our kids.  I have amazing husband who supports me in any thing and have two amazing kids.  I have one dog currently, her name is Malla and she is a golden retriever chow mix.  She is always by my side. Everyday that I walk into work I cant wait to see what I will be grooming and working with!  I am so excited to see what Pooch Palace has to hold for me in the future. I am looking more forward to meeting all of you and your wonderful dogs!" 








*Initial Consultation :

Always free! Bring your dog in to meet our groomers and discuss your needs and desires for your pup.  



all prices are an estimated quote, the groomers will give a final price after assessing the dogs coat type, temperament and weight

*Platinum Paw:  

Grooming 8888 1Includes:  Bath, choice of shampoo and conditioning treatment, anal gland expression, blow dry, file nails, ear cleaning, breed specific cut (full-body haircut), bow/bandana, cologne/perfume. 


*Gold Paw:

Includes:  Bath, choice of shampoo and conditioning treatment, anal gland expression, blow dry, trim nails, ear cleaning, light trim (trimming only of the face, feet and potty area or other small problem areas), bow/bandana, cologne/perfume. 


*Silver Paw:

Includes:  Bath, choice of shampoo and conditioning treatment, anal gland expression, blow dry, trim nails, ear cleaning, bow/bandana, cologne/perfume (no haircut with this package). 


* Spa and Play:

Just drop your dog off for a fun-filled day at our Daycare and pick them up nice and clean!

*Add a full-day of daycare to spa packages for only $15 (Gold or Platinum Paw package required).


* Bath Only:

Simply a bath and a blow-dry.  


* FURminator:

The FURminator will help to remove undercoat that has shed from the pet's skin using a special furminator shampoo and conditioner treatment and lots of brushing! After a furminator treatment dogs will have some residual shedding for a day or two because of the products working on their coat, unfortunately there is no stopping shedding completely, however, you will notice a tremendous reduction in the amount of shedding of your pup.

The FURminator package includes:
-Special FURminator shampoo to help remove the undercoat hair
-Brushout using a FURminator comb
-Everything included in the Silver Paw package


*Puppy Paw:

For puppies 6 months or younger  

Includes:  Bath, choice of shampoo and conditioning treatment, anal gland expression, blow dry, trim nails, ear cleaning, bow/bandana, cologne/perfume. 

Puppy Paw add-ons include:
-Haircut (light trim or full haircut).  *Prices will vary

 (*Final price is based on breed, size, etc. and those are listed below.  If your dog is matted, there will be an additional de-matting fee.  Please call 765-421-6655 for more accurate pricing.  If you reserve online, we will confirm your reservation with accurate pricing for your dog)

Our cancellation policy requires you to cancel 24 hours or more before you scheduled appointment.
Failure to do so will require a $20 cancellation/no show fee.  


We require Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations to be current for all services


 * Additional Grooming Add-ons:

 - Pawdicure: $20 - Conditioning treatment to pads to protect from cracking, peelinand heat, trimming nails, filing nails, nail polish (optional)

- Facial: $5 - Conditioning treatment, whitening/brightening

- Sugar Scrub: $10 - Raw sugar and olive oil are added to shampoo to exfoliate and mosturize your dog's skin

- Nail filing (dremel): $10

- Nail trim: $10

- Nail polish: $5

- Teeth brushing: $10

- Brush-out: $7 per 15 minutes

- Spa and Stay: $10 
Do you work all day? Can't find a good time to bring your pup(s) in and also pick them up after their groom? The Spa and Stay allows you to drop your pup(s) and leave them anytime between opening and closing that particular day.  They will be able to spend the day in one of our comfortable overnight bedroom suites while they are waiting for their Groom to begin or to be picked up after their Groom. They can watch TV or just nap. We will also take them out for bathroom breaks, provide them with constant fresh water and even feed them if you would like us to. (*Monday through Friday only and not available on weekends or any Holidays)

*All prices below are an estimated quote*

The groomers will give a final price after assessing the dogs coat type, temperament and weight.


doodle grooming prices

Additional Breed Pricing:

*FURminator pricing includes Silver Paw (no haircut).  If you decide you want the FURminator and a light haircut this will include the Gold Paw pricing + FURminator. 

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