About Us

Our Mission at Pooch Palace Resort 

Pooch Palace Resort is Greater Lafayette’s premier luxury dog resort.  We offer the finest amenities along with a state of the art facility which provides your dog with a safe, clean and fun environment.  Our Mission is to provide the highest level of service and delight to dogs and their parents.

We employ a very loving, knowledgeable and caring staff, who make special adjustments and provide extra time as needed for each individual guest.  We are passionate about providing the TLC your dog needs for an enjoyable and stress-free stay.  By giving each dog personal attention, we get to know each dog in our care and form bonds that last from one stay to the next.

We at Pooch Palace Resort are fully committed to exceeding your expectations so you can enjoy the freedom of peace of mind. In addition to taking great care of your pet, we do everything we can to provide you with a level of service you thought only possible at 5-star hotels.


Why Pooch Palace Resort?

  • A stress-free and enjoyable experience for dogs and the people who love them.
  • A highly trained, human-animal bond focused team. The relationship you have with your dog is important to us. 
  • We focus not only on your dog’s physical well-being but also on his/her emotional and mental well-being.
  • Our staff will treat your pup(s) as if they are one of our own.  They will receive the best care and attention in Greater Lafayette, without exception!  Pooch Palace is the next best option to them being at home. 
  • A team that recognizes that a clean resort is the best type of resort. We are meticulous with our cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  • Luxurious amenities, features, care and service that make your dog feel like royalty.
  • Convenient location to all of Greater Lafayette.
  • Online booking available!  
  • An infinitely better option to board or daycare at Pooch Palace than to leave your pet at home alone, with a stranger or at traditional kennel with small spaces and cages. 
  • Indoor and outdoor play park.  We are the first facility in Greater Lafayette to offer Pup-grass™. Pup-grass™ is synthetic turf specifically designed for dogs. It is a healthier option over other surfaces AND no more dirt and mud when you pick up your pup!
  • Fresh air exchange HVAC system.  Helps prevent smells and any spreading of germs, etc.    




Our Team


Paul Whitehurst - Owner and Founder of Pooch Palace Resort


Pooch Palace Resort was founded in 2017 for other pet parents like myself who want only the best for their dog.   I have always been passionate about dogs and it has been a dream of mine to work with them.  My best friend of 13 years, a German Shepard named Zoey, passed away in June of 2016.  Soon after this loss, I decided that rather replace Zoey with another dog, why not replace her with hundreds of dogs and care for each of these dogs as I would my own.  Welcome to Pooch Palace Resort.  Your dog’s home away from home!

I have spent the first half of my professional life in the corporate world and will spend the next half doing what I feel I was put here to do, love and care for dogs.  Pooch Palace Resort is the culmination of over 16 years of business experience, hardcore determination and a childhood dream that never died.

I was never satisfied with options for Zoey when I traveled.  I did not like the idea of putting her in a cage or small space while I was away.  So I know that uneasy feeling of leaving your pup and wondering "will they be happy, comfortable and safe while I am away?"  When you entrust your 4-legged family member with our staff, I guarantee they will receive the same high quality, loving care that they receive in your own home.





NEWIMG 1155Stephanie Tjalsma - Manager of Pooch Palace Resort

I started at Pooch Palace in September of 2017.  In May of 2018 I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences with a concentration in Behavior and Well-Being.  I have loved animals ever since I was a little kid.  When I first saw Pooch Palace I was so excited about what Paul was doing and the amazing services provided here.  I am honored to get to take care of everyone’s amazing pups and hope to do whatever I can to make leaving your dog the best experience possible.  I have a cat and am adding a puppy to my family this September, so, I know how important care of our fur children is.  I can’t wait to meet you and help make your pet’s home away from home the best it can be!




chantelChantel Walters

My passion for Animals started at a very young age.  Growing up I had almost every Animal you could think of from Goats, Rats, Lizards and Dogs to everything in between.  But dogs were always my favorite.  I then pursued a Career working hands on with Animals.  I have worked as a Vet Technician, an Animal care giver in the Vet industry, Animal shelter's and Boarding Facilities for the past 10 years in Northern IL. 

When moving to Indiana I was so excited and happy to find Pooch Palace.  When I saw how much they invest in taking care of everyones loved furry family members I knew they had something special here.  I am so happy I get to be apart of this rewarding place that not only I can enjoy but my own puppies get to enjoy as well.  I cannot wait to meet you and love your puppies like my own. 



kelliKelli Kirkman

I joined the staff at Pooch Palace Resort in August, 2017 because I was looking for a job that would make me happy, instead of just making me money.  I graduated from Purdue with a degree in English Literature, and my professional career has included jobs in teaching, business ownership, and the medical field.  My love of dogs brought me to volunteer at a local animal shelter beginning in 2015, where I quickly realized my passion in life.

During my time with the shelter, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about animal welfare, and my husband and two daughters happily support my “dog habit.”  At Pooch Palace, I am lucky enough to work with like minded, animal loving friends, and spend time with some of the coolest dogs in the city!



emilineEmiline Riggs

Hi everyone! My name is Emiline, and I am from Lafayette. I have always loved animals, and I’ve always had a special place for dogs in my heart 🐾 I have always been around dogs, either from dog sitting or having a dog in my family. I love working here at Pooch Palace because I just love the atmosphere, I know what we are doing here is completely different from what anyone else offers and is really what every dog needs and deserves. I can’t wait to meet you and your sweet doggies 😊





ashleyAshley Sisson

Hi!  My name is Ashley and I love dogs! I live in Lafayette with my husband, 6 year old son and our 4 pups. I have a redtick coonhound (Phoenix), a brindle pitbull (Bo), a white pitbull (Layla), and a little pocket pittie mix (Ellie Mae). 

I have worked on and off with dogs my whole life and enjoy volunteering with animal transports and shelters. I enjoy working part time with Pooch Palace because I can spend more time with dogs and get paid for it. What more could a girl ask for?!?




alyssaAlyssa Chambers

I’m a junior at Purdue studying Animal Sciences with a concentration in pre-Vet & also Agribusiness. I’m from west Lafayette so I am a townie, woohoo! I have loved animals since birth and my family has always had dogs (springer spaniels & Dobermans). I’ve also been riding horses since before I could even walk. My boyfriend and I have the cutest dog possibly ever, Biggie. He’s the one in my picture. I love working at Pooch Palace because it’s great to be able to have a bond with all of these dogs and to get to really know their personalities. Also who doesn’t want to cuddle and love on dogs all day?! I really hope to work with dogs in my future career after graduating from Purdue.



malloryMallory Roberts

Hello everyone! My name is Mallory! I am from the small town of Rossville that’s just east of Lafayette. I’ve always grown up around some type of animal(s) and a dog was always a part of my family. I had horses for the longest of time, cows, and some smaller pets here and there. Currently, my family now owns a deer farm (crazy, I know) and I have my Goldendoodle, Jack that keeps me on my toes. I am in school now studying to become a dental assistant as I am working here at Pooch Palace. I love my job here because it is the perfect job for me being able to show my passion for dogs and interact with them and watch them grow. 




IMG 3358Jen Fee

My name is Jen Fee and I started with the Pooch Palace in September 2017. I’m originally from Kokomo and transferred to Lafayette 15 years ago. I’m married and have a stepdaughter that just started at Purdue. I have a black lab -Mr Bear-who is 7 yrs old. He was a farm puppy we picked up 7 years ago. Within the first year we quickly realized he has terrible anxiety- mostly a sensitivity to noise. I worried constantly when we had to board him. 

I attended the grand opening at the Pooch Palace and immediately fell in love with the facility and the people. I decided to board Mr. Bear for the 4th of July weekend in 2017. I watched him constantly on the webcam and for the first time in his life-he was able to relax while fireworks were going off that weekend-because he couldn’t hear them. He was safe and sleeping and I was grateful. 

I was so impressed by the care he received that I wanted to be a part of what I had witnessed that weekend. I work in the corporate world and that job comes with a ton of stress. To say working at the Pooch Palace is a stress reliever would be an understatement. I have learned so much about dogs -things I never expected to learn. Because of my own dogs issues-I am especially sensitive to the dogs who are scared or anxious. There’s no better feeling than snuggling with a dog who misses their owner, or throwing a ball to a dog who has tons of energy, or just sitting with an older dog who has no desire to play but will happily take an extra treat. “Your dogs home away from home” is the best way to describe the experience your dog will have with us! 


20180916 002511 1Katelyn Stuart

Hi, I’m Katelyn! I live here in Lafayette with my fiancé and our dog, Bo. I’ve loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I really can’t imagine life without them! Through high school and college, I dog-sat and I even had the opportunity to train some puppies for family and friends. I started here at Pooch Palace this past May, and it truly is my dream job. It’s so much fun getting to know and love all the dogs that come here for daycare and boarding. I love watching them play and learning all of their different personalities. My favorite part about working here is being able to spend one on one time with the boarding pups to make sure they are happy and comfortable before bedtime. I’m so proud to be a part of what makes Pooch Palace somewhere dogs are safe, loved, and treated like family.  




sydniSydni Mullett

I’m currently a Junior studying Veterinary Nursing at Purdue. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. Because of this, attending Purdue and living in West Lafayette/Lafayette was the best option for me. I don’t have any dogs on my own currently, but I grew up with two boxers in my house (Spencer and Duke). Being able to work at Pooch Palace has let me taken what I have learned in classes and apply them to real life situations. Working with the daycare/boarding dogs brightens my day and I am so glad to be able to get to know the dogs personally and care for them as one of my own.




RobinRobin Smith

Hello! My name is Robin and I'm currently a sophomore at Purdue. I'm majoring in Animal Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. I've always loved dogs and at my home in Fort Wayne I have a Boston terrier named Annie and a puggle named Jessie! I have dog sat a lot and also worked at other kennels so I'm definitely used to taking care of dogs (and I love it!). I love coming into work and being able to play and form bonds with awesome dogs. It makes my day seeing the dogs playing and enjoying their time at Pooch Palace!




HunterHunter Jenkins

Hello! My name is Hunter.  At the age of 8 my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident. When I was 10 my aunt gave me one of her German shepherd puppies to help me cope with my anxiety. I trained her in obedience school in 4-h and received Grand Champion. I have always thought I was going to be a Vet Tech when I grew up. I went to Vet school and decided that it wasn't for me. As my dog and I became best friends I decided I would try dog training. I absolutely love it and will soon be getting my training certificate. My goal is to use this certificate for training therapy dogs for patient comfort! 




Alessandria Aikerson Russell

I have always had a love for animals. I remember spending summers going to Columbia Park Zoo for camp and when I was old enough, volunteering and completing an animal care internship. Taking care for animals is one the most fulfilling tasks I believe that I could do and I can not imagine doing anything else. In 2017 I graduated from Alcorn State with a BS in animal science (pre-vet) and I am currently taking more biology and psychology related courses at Ivy Tech before attaining a Masters in Animal Behavior. Afterward, I plan on going to vet school and specializing in zoo med and animal behavior. I look forward to meeting you all and providing a happy, safe place for your pups to play! 


SydneySydney Davidson

"Hi everyone, my name is Sydney! I am currently a sophomore at Ball State and am studying Pre-Vet with a concentration in Zoology. After I graduate from Ball State I hope to attend vet school and from there begin my career working with wildlife at a rehabilitation/conservation center! I have always had a strong love of animals growing up but it has grown substantially since working here at Pooch Palace. I have the cutest Jack Russell Terrier named Wrigley, he is the one in my picture. I have recently started bringing Wrigley to Pooch Palace for grooming and he always looks and smells amazing!! I love working at Pooch Palace so much because it is a great way to interact with all breeds of dogs and really create a special bond with each of them. If I have had a bad day I know I can come to work and the dogs will instantly brighten my day. Every time I see a dog or dogs walking on the sidewalk I immediately have to stop what I am doing and go pet them, so Pooch Palace is perfect for me!"




BeccaRebecca Mauser

"Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, I am from South Florida and am a junior at Purdue. I have a 3ish year old Boxer mix rescue named Boomer who is my entire world. I have loved dogs since I came face to face with one for the first time at 3 years old(literally), my parents have known since then that a career with animals was in my future. My dream dog is a great dane, but I love but I love being able to interact with and learn more about all different types of dogs! "







ChloeChloe Morris

"Hello everyone! I’m Chloe Morris. I’m currently a junior at Purdue studying Veterinary Nursing. I have been around animals my entire life. Growing up my family always had cats, but in 2016 I got my first personal dog Max. I’ve always wanted a golden retriever and well I finally got one! I come from Klondike Kennels where I worked as a Kennel Attendant and Assistant Manager. The past year and a half I’ve also done pet sitting. I’ve always loved working with animals and when I heard about Pooch Palace I couldn’t think of a better place to be a part of. I love coming to work everyday and seeing all the dogs excited to be there and having a good time. I look forward to meeting your dogs and giving them lots of love at their home away from."



Our Groomers:


Destiny Loft - Salon Manager

IMG 3735

"I have lived in Lafayette my entire life.  I have always been a huge animal lover and Grooming gives me an opportunity to work with something I have a passion for.  Currenty I have 5 cats and 2 cattledogs.  My pups names are Mylo and Copper.  I love seeing all the happy wagging tails at Pooch Palace everday!  I am a certified Groomer through ABC College and have been grooming at Pooch Palace since August.  I am very excited for what the future holds for me at Pooch Palace!





mandyMandy Burris

"Hey everyone! I’m Amanda Burris. I’m the proud mother to a perfect baby boy. I’ve been a huge animal lover my entire life and currently have 6 cats and 2 dogs. A Great Dane mix named Moe and a German Shepherd named Kona. I was a hairstylist for 6 years but decided to follow my heart to work with animals. I traded 2 legs for 4 and became a groomer. I’m a certified groomer through ABC College and couldn’t be happier I made this switch. I’ve been working with animals since January of 2017. And have been a groomer at Pooch Palace since March of 2019."




0410192025fWhitney McGregor

"I started at Pooch Palace in January of 2019 as a dog groomer.  Dogs have always been my favorite animal. Growing up, the dogs in my family have always been treated as our kids.  I have amazing husband who supports me in any thing and have two amazing kids.  I have one dog currently, her name is Malla and she is a golden retriever chow mix.  She is always by my side. Everyday that I walk into work I cant wait to see what I will be grooming and working with!  I am so excited to see what Pooch Palace has to hold for me in the future. I am looking more forward to meeting all of you and your wonderful dogs!" 








Our Trainer:  McKenzie Henk          mckenzie1


 McKenzie is a professional dog trainer who helps dog owners build and maintain a positive relationship with their pets. She uses a “balanced” training method and believes every dog and situation is unique and so the training for every dog should be unique as well.

McKenzie started training when she was eleven years old by competing in 4H and State Fair competitions with her dogs. In high school, she started working at a boarding kennel and assisting with puppy care, breeding, Conformation showing and training. She competed in several trials with her dogs and performed very well. After high school, she attended an Obedience Instructor Course at a facility in Illinois, became an instructor there and trained over 200 dogs in Obedience, Conformation, Rally, Canine Good Citizen, Agility and Service dogs. McKenzie started at Pooch Palace Resort in April of 2018 and heads up our Daycare program as well.

McKenzie has a Kerry Blue Terrier named Alistair and a working line German Shepherd named Hector. In her free time McKenzie volunteers as the lead instructor for the Vermilion County 4H Dog Obedience Spin Club.



Resort Tour

You are welcome to visit our facility anytime and ask as many questions as you would like.  We are conveniently located at 35 Beck Lane Suite 101, Lafayette, IN 47909.   

Pooch Palace Resort supports local animal rescue and adoption organizations. We hope you will consider opening your home to an animal friend in need, and encourage you to learn more about the organizations we proudly support.